Fove SDK  v1.1.0
FOVE C API Documentation


This is the documentation for the FOVE C API.

This API allows client applications to interface with the FOVE runtime system, including headsets, eye tracking, position tracking, and the compositor.

Also included is a "Research API", which is intended specifically for researchers where the laboratory environment is fully controlled. The research features are not intended for use by games.

Various higher-level bindings are provided by FOVE, such as C++ and C#.


To use the API, simply drop FoveAPI.h into you project and include it. After that point you will be able to use all capabilities listed here.

To link, simply add the FOVE shared library (or DLL on Windows) to the link libraries for your project.


This API requires C99 or later

Backwards Compatibility

Except where noted (see fove_Headset_getResearchHeadset), the FOVE system maintains backwards compatibility with old clients.

For example, a v0.15.0 client can talk a a v0.16.0 server.

Forwards compatibility is not provided: if you compile against v0.16.0, end users on older runtimes must update before using.

ABI compatibility is not kept between different versions of this API. This is something we may consider in the future. A client built against v0.15.0 of this API must be recompiled to use v0.16.0 (instead of simply swapping out the new shared library).