Fove SDK  v1.1.0
Fove SDK Documentation

This is the documentation for the FOVE Python API, which wraps the FOVE C API (also included in this SDK). This API allows client applications to interface with the FOVE runtime system, including headsets, eye tracking, position tracking, and the compositor. This package provides a namespace for Python bindings for the FOVE C API.

The main place to get started is looking at the following classes:


To use the Python API, configure your PYTHONPATH so that the fove package is visible to the python executable. (SDK distributions >= 0.16.1 contain the fove package under <SDK_ROOT>/python/site-packages/fove.)

Items in the fove.capi namespace provide a very thin wrapper over C API, and correspond almost one-to-one to the latter.

Items in the fove.headset add a layer of convenience thereover, and allows the user to interact with the runtime using more idiomatic python codes.

Since all functionalities provided by the FOVE C API can be used through fove.headset, we do not recommend users to use fove.capi directly.


This API requires Python 3.5 or later. It may work on earlier versions of Python 3 as well as on Python 2.x, but they are not officially supported as of yet.

Backwards Compatibility and API Stability

Since this version of the Fove Python API communicates with the FOVE runtime exclusively through the FOVE C API, it provides the same backwards compatibility guarantees as the C API does. In particular, python applications written using this version of the Python API should be able to communicate with future versions (>= 0.16) of the runtimes, but not with older ones (< 0.16). (For more on the compatibility guarantees of the latter, please refer to the section on Compatibility in the C API documentation.)

APIs in the fove.capi is considered to be as stable as the FOVE C API. APIs in the fove.headset should be considered experimental and might introduce breaking changes in future versions.